Al Bandary International Group – B.I.G. – began as an engineering and contracting company, diversifying over the years into new market sectors and industries, yet consistently committed to quality production and the highest levels of service and project execution. This has proven to be the Group’s key competitive differentiator and vital to its continued success. We are also highly committed to our community and dedicated to its durable development to better fit the local policy. We remain dynamic and creative to make sure to stay on the lead position and remain the pioneers. We keep an eye on long-term partnerships and cooperation's to maintain our foundation solid and better adapt to the changing market and cover it in the most competitive way in various domains.
Vision & Mission
- To grow bigger than the local market and Middle East region
- To conquer the local market and expand beyond it on an
   International level with high expertise and versatility
- Expand experience and use latest technologies to better penetrate
   the market
- Remain the leading Group and set the trend for others to follow
- Perfectly fulfill customers' expectations and go beyond it
- Offer the best value and return on investment with our trustworthy activity
- Define new standards and set the lead for local trends and be the leaders
   in key domains
- Achieve and surpass set goals
- Perfectly cover all domains with our reputed level of service

Corporate Profile
Al Bandary International Group – B.I.G. – has a proven track record of successfully completing a wide range of large-scale projects, earning us a reputation for delivery in all sectors in various locations throughout the Middle East. From completing builds to contributing to international exhibitions, we have firmly established our versatility and flexibility in project delivery. We simply take business to the next level.
Group History
With an established presence for more than a decade, Al Bandary International Group – B.I.G. – is focused on expanding its local network beyond the Middle East region. Collaborations with European and North American counterparts have added immense value to our strategic offering, including broadening the company’s capacities and experience.
Value in the market
Al Bandary International Group – B.I.G. – handles Mega projects. Al Bandary International Group's subsidiary companies provide customized solutions and services for clients. Along with our esteemed partners, we are committed to ensuring the entire supply chain performs to the highest standard. Our clients and partners choose Al Bandary International Group – B.I.G. – because of our high-value trusted products, emphasis on customer satisfaction, and our expanding network.